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Absolutely awesome

What a cool new idea. The game is beyond hard, and most players will need at least a little help on the way through, but the story is really interesting, and challenging. The app is a little pricey for how short the game is. I hope there is a sequel, or similar game created soon so I can get my fix.

Weak puzzles (and only 2 of 32 can even be called that), weaker plot. Not worth a penny. -------- Jogo fraco, enredo fraco, praticamente sem charadas e totalmente sem graça. Não vale um centavo.

An experiment in communication

Blackbar abandons the usual ways of communication in a video game, making user input so minimal that the game path is predetermined. Still, playing this game, I felt more part of the story than with most other games; the characters in the story felt more alive than realistically rendered visual representations. Here, the only channel of giving and receiving is letters that have a rather high loss of information. What the game’s about: the act of writing, sending and receiving under specific constraints, as well as the person on the other end. How it’s about it: there is no ‘how’ to this game. Gameplay is an interface so minimal that you don’t even notice it. I do love this thing!

Wonderful, different game

A lovely story with quite challenging riddles.

Captivating Story with a Disappointing End

Im a little conflicted because the game is so great on one hand and so disappointing on the other. The atmosphere and writing is fitting, the difficulty and pacing just right, although some words are plain impossible to guess or deduce but worst of all: just at the height of the story comes – The End. The whole carefully crafted story falls flat on its face just then. Too bad because while playing it, I really enjoyed the challenge.

Great game, in English and German

The game runs in the language set in the ios preferences, thus can be changed even during the game. I enjoyed switching between the languages. Great fun playing. A few minor typing errors in the german version.

absolutely brilliant!

im sad that its over... make a sequel! i wanna know what happened to #19445...

Fun and Addictive...

... but much too short for the price. You can finish it in an hour or two, for 3$ I expect to get more gameplay out of a game.

Simply wonderful.

Beautifully simple. Ridiculously hard at times but always worth the head-scratch. Wish it was longer. More missions please. I want to know more about Vi, Kenty and 19445. Excellent game!


At that price I was hoping for bit more… Some nice brain teasers… Maybe a little shorter than what I was expecting.

Fun but too short

Finished the game in two sittings, and was disappointed as the plot seemed to be picking up just as it ended. Hoping for updates to extend the story.

Engrossing and unique and Id like more!

I agree with the 4-star reviews whove taken off a star for its short-ish length, but I want to give this 5 stars for content and "gameplay". Well-done!

Great story.

This little game created a world in my mind.

Superb writing and puzzles

Beautiful execution of censorship as gameplay. Bravo.

A great puzzle and story game

Short, sweet, and novel.

What else could you want?

So good

Clever and beautiful and a teensy bit painful to play all at the same time. Highly recommended.

Unique gameplay

Great, fun little game. Too short/overpriced though. Not replay-able really, so look forward to future story lines.

Too short

More chapters? Kind of $$ for a game you can finish in 1 sitting, but very entertaining.

A clever, moving, intensely original narrative experience

I found this to be an emotionally-engaging and thought-provoking interactive story. The execution is subtle and smart. If you enjoyed Hack RUN, you might want to give this a try. Both games weave together narrative and gameplay in a seamless and intuitive manner. I found it refreshing that the game casts you as a woman trying to help her female friend. Games that centre on female protagonists are the exception, and games that explore womens relationships with each other, rather than with male characters, even more so. But, at its core, this is a very human story that explores timeless and universal themes. Kenty is a well-drawn character, and the epistolary format allowed me to connect with her struggles on a visceral, immediate level. The dystopian setting is deftly crafted and adds a genuine tension to the narrative. The game struck me as being on the short side. I finished it in a little over an hour. There were also a few puzzles for which I had to look up the solutions online. I admit this is largely not an issue of design, but my own eagerness to see where the story was going. But there is one puzzle (the "like a big city" one) no one could reasonably be expected to get. The answer is too esoteric. Dont be afraid to look up the solution when you reach that point.

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