Blackbar Відгуки

[SPOILERS] “I must inform you that I am not stupid...”

. . . but I cant solve puzzles with absolutely no context, writers. Subculturia?! Really? It just devolved into an exercise in futility and interrupted the story. Unsatisfied with a game I was so curious about for so long. I love a good dystopian story, but the gameplay was disappointing.


This game was alright. Some of the puzzles were challenging but overall I found it boring with little background and context.

Challenging but not impossible

If you like puzzles and really don’t mind guessing and thinking and guessing some more and maybe sleeping on it, then you might like this game. I only had to google two things and they were both just quotes. Highly recommended!

Interesting story, very difficult to play

I played Grayout before this one, which made the story more familiar to me and it probably helped me figure out quite a few of the answers. BUT, often the answers were difficult, sometimes ludicrously so. I ended up looking up answers many, MANY times, and more often than not my reaction when seeing the solution was “How the hell was I supposed to get THAT?” This was especially true with later puzzles that involved some kind of riddle or clue-most of the time, I found the “clue” to be too vague for me to ever get the answer on my own.

One star execution, five star idea

In this game you read correspondence between siblings that has been censored by an authoritarian government, and are tasked with filling in the missing words. The storytelling is decent but the puzzles are not. Expect to be stranded often without nearly enough information to find a solution, just plugging in every word of the right length that can vaguely fit into the sentence. The puzzles don’t really fit the theme either. Nine times out of ten it’s just blacking out random words.

Mostly fun and challenging puzzles, but some killed it for me.

A few of the puzzles, even after googling the answer, made very little sense and I can’t see how anyone would come to that conclusion as the answer had the vaguest connection. Developers, that is definitely not how a raven is like a writing desk. One literally has no clues or context whatsoever, you’re just guessing words until you find one that fits, only then do you have context for the rest. The game was great in concept, truly unique, but at times poorly executed. It killed the pacing of an already cliche, but well done, dystopian story. Unlike some I actually really liked that it was supposed to be a short game, if the developers would just get a few of the puzzles to make more sense this could be a very interesting brief experience. $3 for an hour or two of interesting entertainment is well worth it. This game could so easily be fixed to be the interesting experience it set out to be.

A challenging puzzle game that ends too soon

I really liked Blackbar, I thought it was a good mix of challenging puzzles and an interesting narrative. It is a very difficult game, and I had to resort to a walkthrough more times than I’d like to admit. The only problem with it is how short it is, I finished it in around an hour, which would be ok if the game was free, or maybe 1 or 2 dollars, but it’s 3 dollar price tag makes it a little costly. It’s a good game to get if you’re looking for a good puzzler, but don’t expect it to be a game you keep coming back too or spending much time on.

Amazing game

GREAT game. Terrific story, good puzzles, quite challenging at times. I recommend playing with a friend so you can bounce ideas off each other. Some reviewers thought it was too hard. It can be difficult, but it just takes time and thought to figure it out- this is not a game for people who want to zip easily through puzzles. Well worth the price, and I just bought grayout too! Thanks for such a great experience- I hope there will be many more games like this to come!

A clever idea severely lacking in the execution

The game mechanic and presentation were sufficiently appealing to make me purchase the game. I had hoped for a contemplative journey through the ramifications of the censorship of ideas. Unfortunately, the authors seem have gotten so preoccupied with swear words that they forgot to tell a compelling story. Quite disappointing.


Cool, different, smart.

Too short for the price

This was a fun little game and is clever but took me all of 20 mins to complete. And it did not take a lot to develop, so the price is really high for a glorified fill in the blank activity.

Not worth it

A disappointing game with a vague bio to lure you into buying it. Wishing I could get the money I wasted back

Don't buy into the hype

Boring, simple, and incredibly overrated

Intelligent game with more surprises

You must pay attention to how each message is written as well as what is in it. This is the best text based game I have ever played. I've played a lot!


Horrible and impossible to use.

Big let down

I was originally very intrigued, but finished the entire puzzle in an hour. Absolute waste of money.

Loved it!

But it left me craving for more.

Complete Trash... REFUND!

trash trash trash... waste of money

Short but fantastic game with a simple but satisfying concept.

This game is truly a puzzler at parts, and each riddle is quite satisfying to solve. It's a simple text-based game in the vein of a crossword puzzle with a story. But it is immersive and fun. It's short, I completed it in a handful of play sessions on a biz trip. But I highly recommend it for those looking for a fun challenge.

Okay overall

It's a good game. It has a good story and a really unique form of gameplay. I was disappointed with the ending and its length. Really not worth the money for the small amount of game.

Great game

Frame rate never dropped below 60 and it kept me occupied for hours

Not clever

Starts out solid and intriguing. It then goes from clever to assuming each player can read the dev's sleep-deprived mind. Oops forgot to sensor.

Short but intense

I pretty much played this game all in one sitting because I couldn't put it down. Really nice concept and beautiful writing.

Well designed, but needs more content for $$

Pros: -The minimalist interface is clever. -The narrative is enjoyable -The concept is cool Cons: (unfortunately, it's a big one) For a pay-to-play game, the lack of content/levels is really disappointing. Didn't feel a sense of completion at the conclusion.

Challenging and intriguing

It's a game of less is more, in every way. But if you enjoy light puzzling and a being a little stumped as you figure out what to do next, it's a great diversion.

Enjoyable Story

Overall, I really liked the game. Some reviewers had said you just guess words and numbers, but really, there is a pattern to it, and clues scattered throughout. At no time was I reduced to just typing random words. Fantastic story kept me interested. The only downside is the game was a little too short.

I feel misled

I thought this would be a clever and interesting game. Not so Much. Simplistic and with a boring narrative.

Word Puzzles with Eerie Narrative

Very well-written game. Somewhat short, but well worth the price due to originality and inventiveness of both story and gameplay. No instructions/tutorial on how to play, but that's part of the point. Playing the game itself is initially a puzzle. I got stuck twice, so be warned. A couple spots are particularly cryptic. Hope they'll make a follow-up.

Truly fantastic

Blackbar makes a very powerful statement on free speech. The story told is incredibly powerful and well dictated, the puzzles are challenging as well. Excellent.

Absolutely amazing

Best game ever! Get it as soon as possible! I love this game!

I love this.

I never thought such a simplistic, minimalist game could excite me so much. This game has way more story than it has coding. So if you love dystopian novels or stories of rebellion... Pick this up.

Boring and pointless

I've never bothered to write a bad review on an app before but the was just awful. You read through boring letters and figure out the redacted words. At one point it's a string of single digit numbers! I wish I could get my money back for this one.

Absolutely awesome

What a cool new idea. The game is beyond hard, and most players will need at least a little help on the way through, but the story is really interesting, and challenging. The app is a little pricey for how short the game is. I hope there is a sequel, or similar game created soon so I can get my fix.

Well written, thoughtful game

This game feels like a novel. I don't want to ruin it for any new players, but I would say this is one of my favorite games to come out on the App Store. The puzzles are clever and somewhat challenging, and the writing is 👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿

Not ----- the money

I feel burned. Total waste of time and Three dollars.


it was a very short, but fun and challenging game, I enjoyed the whole thing. It was interesting finding out what was going to happen next. I wonder if I should check out any of the other games...

Not worth it.

This isn't really a puzzle. You're just guessing what words are in the black bars. The first page is a little tricky, but the rest were easy. And there was no system or reason to what words were behind the black bars. It got old quick, and I just quit. It's the start of a cool idea that just doesn't have enough layers to it.

deAr fRieNd,

tHe onLY cOmPlaINt i hAvE AbOut thiS game iS I wiSh IT wAS loNGER.

Not worth the ca$h money.

I'm only giving it one more star because of the initial dystopian intrigue. Otherwise, I found most of the puzzles way too easy, others completely without context and therefore impossible to solve, and holy hell is it short. Anticlimactic doesn't begin to cover the letdown. I really feel like it was a waste of my money. Don't do it.

really great

really great

Thoughtful and fun

This was a great game. Thoughtful, fun and at times challenging. The most engaging game I've played on iOS for a while.


If somebody says this is just a fill in the blank game, they are out of their minds. The story is genius and riveting, and the puzzles take extreme amounts of skill and knowledge. Amazingly done.

Great, few things though the end, it says "thank you for playing gray out" 2.there is no way to restart the game


This game is definitely not worth paying for. It is literally just a game about guessing what words go in the blank. Completely pointless, and extremely short. Also, I didn't appreciate the bad language either. I don't usually waste my time writing reviews for games, but I didn't want someone else suckered out of $3 like I was. Go buy yourself a pack of gum or a book; anything but this game!

5 Stars

A very good game, though a little short. The story is very intriguing, definitely worth 5 stars! It's a new and innovative idea, I absolutely recommend this game.


It was an okay game. I liked how unique it was, and it was exactly as advertised. However, it got a little hard to follow in some places and it wasn't nearly long enough to justify the $2.99.

Great game if you like words

Which i do

So great.

Fun, unique game

Stuck on title page and won't go any further

I bought the game on the 5th Jan 2016. Opened the title page and promptly was stuck there. Loads of frustrated tapping later, the app just crashed. I closed down all my other apps and tried again. Same result. There goes $2.99 :(

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